Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Today's post:
I am getting kinda bored with food. I have totally skipped the puree stage because it is boring, but I find it hard to get enough protein in!!! I can only eat a little less than 1/2 cup, and when I eat too much I feel very yucky. My heart beats a thousand miles a minute and I just have to close my eyes and nap, or just lay there. I have only eaten too much once. I had 2 mini mini pizzas by Red Baron. They were each about 1.5 inches in diameter, but my tummy couldnt handle them. So I rested my eyes for 20 mins and was fine.
I just cooked myself some Beenie Weenie, but left it in the microwave for almost 30 mins. Today I ate some mac n cheese (velveta), a sugar free vanilla wafer, a sugar free peanut butter cup (God I love junk food) and I forgot what I had for breakfast....
Well gotta run... will write more later, Jenny
Written: Date: Fri Nov 29, 2002 1:55 pm
Well I have been home since Monday the 25th, and am really starting
to feel pretty good.

I have had a rough road (probably like everyone, its just new to me)
and I think I am starting to see some relief.

Ok here is my horror story, and just a glimpse... When I woke up on
Thursday the 21st my pain was minimal. I knew I had had surgery,
and was in some pain, and wooziness from anesthesia, morphine, and
epidural, but I was sleeping pretty soundly and could briefly talk
to my mom, dad, and his wife who were there with me. However, the
party was short lived.
On Friday morning, the anesthesia team came in to tell me they were
removing my epidural. There had been some kind of mix-up with
someone else getting the wrong meds in the epidural, so they were
pulling them all. I was smart enough to actually take a walk around
the 6th floor before they stopped it! Some time after the epidural
was stopped I awoke. There was no morphine in me because I had been
sleeping and didn't push my button. And the muscles started to
contract. And the Pouch began to burn, and no matter how hard I
tried to relax and sleep, the pain came. I gathered all the breath
I could manage and screamed! And held my belly, air in and scream!!
Scream again, ouch! I yelled the morphine is not working! Now to me
it sounded like Universal Horror nights sound effects, but my mom
said it sounded like a yell.
When I was conscience enough to press the morphine, I must have
beeped like a pager going off, but as soon as I could sleep off my
morphine again, I woke up with the same pain. AUGHHHH!! Then to my
fabulous luck the nurse had called the doctor, they gave me morphine
in my IV, and ativan to calm me. They said it would relax my
muscles. Dear God in Heaven, thank you for the relief! Dr Hocking
told me later that he wrote a nasty email to those who made the
decision to pull all epidurals; he said he doubted it would do much,
but he tried. I slept most of Friday, and a lot of Saturday, and by
Sunday I was coming around.

That was my horror story. I have to say that the pain has faded
from my mind. I made it through, and I am here getting better
everyday... I feel fantastic today (shopped at wal-mart in a
wheelie cart) and it was all worth it!!

I just weighed myself and guess what... 8 days post op and down...
Drum rolls please ... 265 lbs.

Jennifer White
Dr. Michael Hocking
Nov 21, 2002
280/-15/~265 lbs today